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How long will it take to install my new boiler?

A simple combi boiler installation shouldn't take more than a few hours - it should certainly be done within one day. More complicated installations, that may involve relocating the boiler or changing aspects of the central heating system, can take two or three days.

How often should my boiler be replaced?

A boiler's average lifespan is between 10 and 15 years. While this is average, if you take good care of your boiler, it might live much longer. When repairs become prohibitively expensive or accumulate, you should consider replacing your boiler. Investing in a new boiler now will save you money in the long term

An expert engineer should be able to assist you in determining when it is appropriate to replace your boiler.

What’s our installation process?

Our installation process is simple and easy.

Once you sign-up on our website one of our Heating Experts will give you a call to discuss your requirements and help find the right boiler and payment plan for you. We'll then agree an installation date with you.

Once this is completed we'll carry out a simple survey of your home, just to make sure that we understand your needs. If the installation is likely to be a bit more complicated and take longer, we'll notify you of this during the survey.

Your installer will then attend on the agreed installation date to complete the work.

How can I tell whether my boiler needs to be repaired or replaced?

If you have a boiler problem, it's most likely a common issue with a straightforward solution. When a more significant problem arises, however, it might be difficult to determine whether your boiler can be repaired or not.

The best idea is to consult our heating experts who can make this process hassle-free for you.

What is a combi boiler?

Combi boilers are the most common boiler type in the UK since they combine your central heating and hot water systems into one unit, saving you space. Because they don't store hot water, they're efficient to run because hot water is only created when it's needed.

How efficient is my boiler?

A more energy-efficient boiler can help you save money on energy while also reducing your carbon footprint. The performance of your boiler is affected by its age, and the controls attached to your central heating system. The efficiency of a boiler is also affected by regular boiler servicing and clean central heating water.

How can I get my boiler quote?

Once you sign-up on our website one of our heating experts will call you to help select the right boiler for your needs and provide you with a detailed quote.

Can I speak to someone if I have a question regarding the boiler?

As soon as you sign-up at our website, one of our heating experts will give you a call. Alternatively, you can call us on 0333 996 3800